Blaine Hurdle

Hurdle is not constrained by the traditional discourse of jewelers and instead seeks to engage the wearer and make a statement. This freedom energizes his designs and creates conceptually powerful pieces. Silver, brass, copper, and precious metals make up the majority of Hurdle’s working materials. Inspired by the abstract expressionists, modern sculpture and surrealism, his work has a perennial quality imbued with a fresh and current perspective. It is an important aspect of Hurdle’s practice that every piece is made by hand. The hand of the artist is clearly evident in the finished product, materializing as noticeably unique objects.


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B. 1987

Education/ experience

Artist in Residence, Goodyear Arts - Charlotte, NC 2016-

New Approach School for Jewelry - Franklin, Tennessee 2012

Bench Jeweler, Diamonds Direct - Charlotte, NC 2009-2017



February 2019 Goodyear Arts - Charlotte, NC Collective - Group Show

October 2018 New Gallery of Modern Art - Charlotte, NC - Street Space

August 2018 Atherton NJC - Charlotte, NC - Motion Studies

April 2018 Soco Gallery - Charlotte, NC - Blaine Hurdle Jewelry Event

March 2017 Goodyear Arts - Charlotte, NC- Apple Pie

February 2017 SOCO Gallery - Charlotte, NC- Blaine Hurdle Jewelry Event

November 2016 Goodyear Arts - Charlotte, NC - Synthetic Dreamers

July 2015 Slate - Charlotte, NC -Featured Artist

August 2015 Gallery 22 - Charlotte, NC - Let the Good Times Roll

August 2014 Gallery 22 Charlotte, NC Group Show



Arts and Science Council - 2019 Community Supported Art grant recipient


Juried Markets

December 2018- Renegade Craft - Brooklyn, NY

December 2018- Big Crafty - Asheville, NC

November 2018- VTGCLT Winter market - Charlotte, NC

May 2018- VTGCLT Summer market - Charlotte, NC

November 2017- VTGCLT Winter market - Charlotte, NC

June 2017- VTGCLT Summer market - Charlotte, NC

November 2015- VTGCLT Winter market - Charlotte, NC

July 2015- VTGCLT Summer market - Charlotte, NC

November 2014- VTGCLT Winter market - Charlotte, NC

June 2014- VTGCLT Summer market - Charlotte, NC

December 2013 - Atherton Mill and Market - Charlotte, NC


Goodyear Arts

Soco Gallery Shop

Charlotte Observer

Synthetic Dreamers